I am a photographer based in Rome. I have an amusing surname. Even the Italians do not pronounce it correctly. 

They say I have a bad temper and sometimes they describe me as a sort of a bear.

On the contrary, my son is beautiful, nice and warm-hearted (I wonder if I’m his natural father…). I like to walk and watch movies with him (just action movies; watching a documentary on Patty Smith he fell asleep !!…).

Sometimes we get into our “Time Machine” and we begin to travel through the ages and places, without putting too many questions or giving too many answers, observing only. In the last time, my small daughter Ludovica come with us. She use to sleep and sometimes have a fast look outside, just with one eye…


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As a photographer I do not like just to to look at. I prefer to have a personal vision. Too many and too deep realities hide themselves behind the surface of the appearance. Once, a person (I thought he was a friend of mine but I was wrong…) said: “even Massimo sometimes smiles”. He made me think and realize that the outward appearance often doesn’t correspond to the essence. But I finally found confort in a famous Bill Brandt’s quote: ” Don’t smile – You look stupid….




For those who are interested in an official resume, here is a sort of it:

Massimo Mastrorillo is a photographer born in Turin and based in Rome, Italy. He has studied at the University of Perugia and is a graduate of the European Institute of Design in Rome.

Mastrorillo has been working mainly on long term documentary projects, devoting himself to the deep consequences of war and natural disasters and their aftermaths on society.

Among his major projects: “Mozambique a Nation Balanced Between Poverty and Dream,”, “Indonesia: Just Another Day”, “White Murder”, “Bosnia and Herzegovina:if Chaos awakens the Madness” and “Life after Zero Hour”, “Aliqual”.

His photographs have been published in numerous national and international magazines and they have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in festivals and galleries worldwide including the Noorderlicht Foundation, Roma Fotografia Festival, the Museum der Europaischen Berlin, FNAC and VISA Perpignan.

His major awards include: the World Press Photo, the Pictures of the Year International (POYi, third prize as Magazine Photographer of the Year) and the Best of Photojournalism (third prize as Magazine Photographer of the Year),  New Photography Talent FNAC, the PDN Photo Annual, the International Photographer of the Year at the 5th Annual Lucie Awards, the Sony World Photography Awards, a nomination for the Prix Pictet 2009 “Earth”, the Aftermath Grant (finalist, 2011). His ongoing project “The Sea is Us” was shortlisted for the Vevey Images Grant 2015.  “Aliqual”, his body of work on the earthquake aftermath in l’Aquila, Italy, has been nominated for the Prix Pictet 2015 “Disorder”.

Currently Mastrorillo is working on his next project “Il mare siamo Noi (The Sea is Us)” about the assets seized or confiscated to mafia organizations in Italy.

He was Talent Manager at LUZ, one of the main photo agencies in Italy and he is the founder of the Luz Academy, a school of photography where he was director of studies and teacher.

He was a Leica Ambassador and a teacher at the Leica Akademie in Italy. He is teaching at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia and the Door Academy.

Mastrorillo is a member and one of the founders of door, a Roman factory working with photography, visual art and publishing.